One of the leading strategies of our company «Alliance Trucks» is trucks export including specialty vehicles, parts and components.

«Alliance trucks» is proudly announced to be an authorized distributor of ISUZU, FUSO, HINO (Japan), HYUNDAI (Korea).

Our priority goal is complex approach in maintaining the highest level of clients’ service at all times. Apart from auto sales we provide parts and their delivery by leading logistic companies to ensure successful regular maintenance and repair service.

General working conditions:

  1. Coordination and approval of technical specification, cost and terms;
  2. Conclusion of sales and purchase agreement and advance payment;
  3. Pre-purchase vehicle inspection;
  4. Additional payment;
  5. Vehicle release at Alliance Trucks station.

Special terms and conditions (as agreed):

  1. Vehicle delivery to client’s parking point;
  2. Delay in payment on the security of property (including guarantee of a Russian bank);
  3. Assistance in drawing up all the documents required by the client.

Benefits of working with our company «Alliance Trucks»:

  1. 20 years at the auto market;
  2. Authorized distributor;
  3. Highly qualified personnel;
  4. Certified installation service of optional equipment of all kinds;
  5. Customized approach and privileges for corporate clients.
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